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"I believe that inspiration leads to transformation and that art can change the world."

My Style 1

Mastery of Line Art

I strive to capture the essence of the subject thru mastery of lines. The beauty of line lies within their simplicity and razor-sharp clarity. Smooth flowing lines create fluid motion. Freehand-brush strokes give the impression of movement resulting in expression of energy. An essential skill to achieve this is learning to draw from the shoulder (sometimes even the whole body “Tai Chi”), rather than the wrist. The shoulder allows you to create elegant and smooth curved lines. The wrist can then capture the smallest details making every piece finished and unique, almost like a signature.

My Style 2

Creating Unique Pieces.

My Specific technique is fusion inspired by Japanese aesthetics with expressionism. I use gesture drawing style with my version of Alla Prima (In Italian, meaning “at first attempt”) and the wabi-sabi philosophy (making imperfection perfect). This creates a distinctive visual style combing abstraction and realism. Every piece has its own character, in order to achieve this, I use a diversity of tools like calligraphy pens, bamboo sticks, drip markers, and Sumi brushes. The toolset is carefully chosen to give every line meaning. Most of my artworks are painted with ink in graphical black & white tones that make the work stand out.

My Style 3


I believe in life energy as an invisible force that connects all beings. Philosophy, like Buddhism, plays an essential role in depicting my subject as a form of transcending energy through shapes and multiplied lines. I believe that there is a universal form of God in all of us that can be translated thru the arts. I represent topics related to human values like freedom, love, spirituality, equality, nature, human rights, and global issues in an empowering way. I want to captivate the human imagination and support what is best in us. To accelerate this idea I created “Art We Crave” a centralized place for acquiring relevant & meaningful line art that can support our vision and help us realize our highest potential.

My favourite painting is one from the Chauvet cave, France made around 30,000 years ago.

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