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We all crave art that not only looks good but makes us feel good.

By surrounding ourself with art we can transform our state and amplify our vision. Because of that ”Art, We Crave“ was created. A progressive atelier that creates and offers high quality, purpose-driven art in energetic style. The aim of the atelier is to be a go-to place for art that stands for greatness.


My mission is to create powerful art that is inclusive.

In today world finding & acquiring meaningful art is a challenge. I'm giving us the opportunity of finding great looking art that you can connect with at a reasonable price thru the web.

From sketches, prints and originals my vision is to bring powerful art into every household.

Finding new ways to design art that will resonate with human feelings is the core of my operation. I create art with a promise of achieving greatness.


All artwork goes through a constantly improving process of exploration, conceptualization, creation and examination.

Relatable Subjects.

A unique modern interpretation of core human values like: freedom, love, courage, unity, peace and addressing global issues in empowering way.

Unique Style.

Subjects are depicted as a form of Life’s energy through unique mix of techniques, shapes and lines.

Deep exploration of art in a series.

Our Purpose 1

Lifted series (sensation of freedom)

Our Purpose 2

Body positive (self acceptance)

Acquire art with confidence.

I offer budget-friendly art into three groups. depending if you art enthusiast or first-time collector you can always find something unique at a reasonable price.

Limited Edition Prints

€75,00 – €200,00 In 2 sizes: small and medium

Original Artworks

€225,00 – €750,00 Available in 4 sizes. Small, medium, large, extra large

Original Sketches

€75,00 – €200,00 Available in 4 sizes. Small, medium, large, extra large.

Each original, sketch and limited edition print (printed with museum-grade materials.) includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist, free delivery and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our Purpose 3
Our Purpose 4

Discover how artworks ware made.

Explore videos on how artworks were created, go on the journey of artistic interpretation of ancient & modern culture and become part of the community contributing to the creation of new artworks.

Art Hunt

The “Art based cooking  alike show”. Traveling for inspiration. Finding inspiration and Interpreting we’ll know themes by creating new artwork.

Process of creation and series promos.

Educational videos on how artworks series were created and what is special about them.

You tube vlog style, Facebook community, Pinterest art.

Become part of community.

Meet the artist

Born in Poznan, Poland and graduated with a Master’s degree in Graphic Design from the University of Arts in Poland. I lived and created in London, Mexico, Spain, USA and currently Germany. In 2008 I started my artistic career under a project called “Timeless Line”. From then on, I was on the journey to develop more purpose-driven art that led me to “Art We Crave". I worked in the digital advertising industry as a Creative Director on award-winning projects for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Hugo Boss, and Paramount Pictures. In the past, I co-founded “Myth Agency” a branding and design studio. Currently, in parallel to "AWC", i work as the head of the brand and art director, supporting the home interior startup in establishing and securing company positioning.

Growing a thriving art organization.

Finding art that we want can be time-consuming. Third-party Online auction houses are intimidating and online e-commerce is easy to get lost in. "Art We Crave" overarching purpose bridges the gap between originality and scalability.
Our Purpose 5

Business model.

Its a mix of innovation, production and distribution at scale makes "Art We Crave" powerhouse.
Our Purpose 6

Transparent pricing, costs, and earnings. I invest 100% profits back into Atelier and get closer to the vision.

Our Purpose 7

Strategy for 2020

Our Purpose 8

You made it to the end! Thank you.

Support artist on a mission.

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